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Job interviews are an important step for employers, not only in hiring, but also in retention. There are several types of interviews, and they all help to create a pipeline of talent for employers.
Candidate feedback—Using recent hires and not hired candidates to assess what is working in your sourcing strategy. Recent hires feedback is helpful in determining what aspects of your organizational brand and culture attracted candidates. Candidates view other recent candidate feedback about your organization as credible, believable, and trustworthy.
Do you need to hire a full-time HR Generalist, or would it be more cost effective to get out sourced HR and recruiting support? Here are some considerations.
Candidate experience is an important factor for job seekers as they evaluate job offers and prospective employers.
HR strategies change based on the environment and the needs of the organization they are serving. Since the last 2 to 3 years have been so turbulent and challenging for human resources, we thought you might find the feedback from other HR leaders helpful.
According to Gallup, “The trend toward quiet quitting -- the idea spreading virally on social media that millions of people are not going above and beyond at work and just meeting their job description -- could get worse. This is a problem because most jobs today require some level of extra effort to collaborate with coworkers and meet customer needs.”
Recruitment Solutions Recruitment solutions include “leveraging hiring trends”.  According to Forbes these hiring trends include: Proactively engaging candidates. […]
Recruitment process steps in 2022 are important to understand. Many talent acquisition leaders have found that traditional recruiting methods such as advertising on job boards and holding hiring events aren’t yielding enough of the right candidates.
Outsourcing HR is one of the most likely functions to be outsourced. Many smaller companies and organizations are choosing to outsource administrative and human resource functions. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), there are “several reasons, including cost savings and the freeing of human resource professionals to focus on more
Hiring recruitment agencies…is it worth it? Some smaller health care organizations have wondered if it makes sense for them to hire a recruitment agency. There are many articles on the pros and cons of hiring a recruitment agency. We have listed some of the advantages