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We can help you find qualified candidates and save cost & time to fill challenging positions.

About Hire Outcomes HR

Hire Outcomes HR is a woman-owned business that levels the playing field for human resources at smaller healthcare organizations and smaller and mid-size businesses (SMB) by providing the proven processes and technologies that big organizations use to source, recruit, and hire talent at a lower cost and faster speed.

Hire Outcomes HR was founded in 2019 by Dhwani Rawal because she saw an opportunity to help smaller healthcare organizations and SMBs with their talent recruiting needs. From her experience at Ethos HR, Dhwani learned the best recruiting practices of large organizations and how they often get better recruitment results than smaller organizations.

Hire Outcomes HR combines Dhwani’s expertise in recruiting with her expertise in outsourcing to give smaller healthcare organizations and SMBs the recruiting edge big organizations enjoy. With a flexible, scalable suite of offerings, Hire Outcomes HR can help smaller organizations in a fast-changing talent market. This type of support is even more important today due to the challenges all organizations faced in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Mission

We seek to collaborate with organizations to discover the power of a positive company culture to attract and retain talented people and to help them develop great workplaces that are attractive to job seekers and spark better team engagement, retention and results.

Our Values

♡ People come first.

♡ Respect, honesty, diversity and
    integrity are our trademarks.

♡ We get results through
    collaboration, relationship
    building and mutual trust.

♡ We have passion for knowledge,
    and motivation for continuous

Our Vision

We are an influential human connections company that makes an impact for the well being of organizations, job seekers and team members by completing teams, and helping to make these organizations a better place to work and serve their end-users.

Our team is here to serve you and create positive recruitment experiences and outcomes.

In 2018 Dhwani Rawal and Barbara Gunther realized they had similar values and service orientation focused on achieving  the best possible outcomes for the teams they serve. As a result, they decided to create Hire Outcomes HR. They joined forces to create this organization to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of smaller healthcare organizations, job seekers and team members by completing teams with the right candidates. The focus is to make these organizations a better place to work and serve their end-users.

The suite of recruitment support services offered by Hire Outcomes HR aims to help over stretched human resource managers in small to medium Midwest health care organizations who seek to improve quality,  and engage qualified candidates with the emotional intelligence to serve patients with enthusiasm and compassion.

Dhwani has multiple years of experience in recruiting across many industries, and has a passion for helping healthcare organizations. Barb has developed many value propositions and marketing initiatives for companies and organizations, both large and small. Their combined skills are a good fit for this new recruitment organization because it can help organizations attract and retain needed employees in the health care industry which is experiencing significant talent shortages.

Dhwani has helped IT and Health care companies find talented candidates for their continuous hiring needs and Barb helped a global company focus on the type of candidates needed to achieve its value proposition and business outcomes. They were seeking learning focused, pioneering, and adaptable team members who could hit the ground running. By focusing on the appropriate traits for the culture, attraction, and employee retention results were improved.

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Dhwani Rawal

Dhwani is a recruitment outsourcing expert and leader with over 15 years of experience placing technical and professional talent in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, technology, and construction. She started her career in various roles at Cipla, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of generic pharmaceuticals. At this stage of her career, she became interested in providing service to the healthcare industry, helping people achieve their fullest potential, and building effective teams. She earned a master’s in IT and business from Bhavnagar University. As an active volunteer in education, the community, neighborhood, Dhwani has enjoyed making a difference in people’s lives and getting to know people of all ages and backgrounds. Dhwani now lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her family.

Barbara Gunther

Barbara is a manager, team leader, and consultant with experience helping people and organizations become more successful. She has worked in community improvement organizations and led service organizations. She started her career developing resources for community improvement, healthcare support agencies, and human service organizations. Her experience includes hiring, supervising, talent management and development as well as the creation of employer value propositions. Barb earned her BA at Grinnell College, and her MBA in management and marketing at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Additional graduate coursework includes change leadership and organizational development. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Recruitment Team

We have a team of highly qualified, experienced recruiting and sourcing professionals who provide sourcing and recruiting support in the healthcare sector. This team is highly experienced to source the best talent for your open positions and can move quickly to find the right candidates.

Expert Partners

With our years of experience in various roles and organizations, we have developed strong professional relationships and extensive networks. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who partner with us as needed based on their area of specialty and the specific needs of our clients. For example, we partner with healthcare industry experts, and specialists in succession planning, workforce planning, talent assessment, training, recruitment of diverse candidates, veterans, and social media and digital marketing. In addition to these professionals, we regularly work with specialized job boards, background verification and drug testing partner companies, and candidate database experts.

We can help you find qualified candidates and save cost & time to fill challenging positions.