It’s a Fact: Big Organizations have Big Advantages Over Small Organizations.

Try the Hire Outcome HR advantage:

We’re are here to provide the talent recruitment expertise and proven processes that big organizations use to source, recruit, and hire talent at lower cost and faster speed. Hire Outcomes HR, gives small organizations, big-organization results through our recruiting expertise. We are specialists in recruiting talent. Unlike many smaller SMBs, where HR generalists are typically responsible for recruiting, our team focuses on recruiting. We are not distracted by the dozens of other responsibilities we know HR generalists face every day.

Personalized service:

We’ve recruited for a wide variety of positions, from entry level to leadership. Such a breadth of experience gives us unique insights into what works and what doesn’t – insights that we’ve used to develop the processes that give SMBs an edge in recruiting. Unlike large organizations where you get a different person each time you call, at Hire Outcomes HR, when you call us you get us–personalized service from people who care about you and your organization.

Recruitment is our focus:

Not only is recruiting what we do day-to-day, it’s something we’ve been doing for years. Dhwani Rawal, founder of Hire Outcomes HR, has over 15 years’ experience in recruitment process outsourcing. We have placed hundreds of professionals in various healthcare organizations.


Broad expertise tailored to your needs.
We help you hire the right professionals in the following categories:

• Allied Health

• Non-Clinical

• Nursing

• Healthcare Administration

• Administrative Service

Our service options give you as much or as little help as you need.

One-time project solutions are perfect for the situations when you are not anticipating a need for ongoing recruitment assistance, but you need help recruiting now.

This process s a hassle-free, turnkey solution for all your recruiting needs, at a fixed annual fee (billed monthly or quarterly) that greatly simplifies your budgeting.

With on-demand solutions, Hire Outcomes HR can help you with any part of the recruiting process, from

If you are hiring a unique or specialized position you may want to use our specialized position recruiting service

We understand the challenges faced by health services organizations.

Hire Outcomes HR can help you by working together to source and recruit the right professionals to improve satisfaction for your patients and your employee team.

Increasing Costly Turnover

Health care employers, like your organization, face pressure to reduce turnover, reduce open position time, and improve nurse and patient satisfaction.

Lengthy Open Positions

Many nursing jobs are open for a long time. It takes some organizations an average of 55 workdays to hire RNs. Nationally, healthcare jobs take longer to fill than jobs in most other industries.

Added Costs, Tight Budgets

Financial challenges rank number one for hospital, care facility and healthcare leaders, Healthcare managers face challenges regarding how to optimize scarce resources.

Pressure For Quality Care

Talent management and nurse satisfaction pressures are building and in some States patient nurse ratio laws are being considered.

Tell us about your challenges and let us partner with you to develop the solutions you need.