Jointly pursue an approach to develop a pipeline of healthcare professionals to keep your organization fully staffed. Here are the steps we take together.

Kickoff Meeting

  • Before the kickoff meeting, you will meet with our client success manager to discuss recruiting challenges for specific roles, the number of positions that need to be filled and objectives and your expectations for your work with Hire Outcomes HR.

  • We will send you a summary of our meeting and a project outline number with a summary of the needs you, our respective roles, timing and budget.

  • Once you have approved the project outline, we have a kickoff meeting.

Determine recruitment strategy

Hire Outcomes HR and your leadership team meet to summarize recruitment strategy such as:

  • What is needed?

  • Where to find targeted candidates,

  • What social media makes sense?

  • What job boards are best for your positions?

  • How to build internal referrals from your team members.

Start recruitment activities

Hire Outcomes HR will:

  • Provide an overview of your needs to sourcing team.

  • Develop best ways to communicate.

  • Create strategies to nurture candidates.

  • Develop a recruitment campaign process (where to source).

  • Help you assess how many candidates you will need.

  • Set daily sourcing targets.

  • Provide a check list of qualifications.

  • Develop sourcing reports and timing for these reports, based on your input.

Evaluate Results

Hire Outcomes HR will discuss key performance indicators with you and documents key results areas that were defined in our agreement.

We know you want RPO services that are transparent and you want to reduce your agency spend, improve your work force planning and shape your talent acquisition approach. Create a pipeline.

Our quality characteristics for higher outcomes process helps assure that you get quality candidates that fit well into your organization.