HR generalist for smaller organizations.....tough decision.

HR Generalist - Does your organization need HR help?

HR generalist is the first position recommended for smaller organizations to hire when they need HR help.  How can your organization determine if you need to hire a full-time person?  Is it more cost effective to get outsourced HR help?

In most cases for smaller health care organizations, according to SHRM, it is the internal staff who requests HR staffing because they are doing HR work in addition to their specialized responsibilities.  According to a consulting firm, HR Strategies and Solutions, organizations generally wait till they have at least fifty employees before they hire an HR generalist. Often an HR generalist has many broad responsibilities, and this includes day to day HR tasks.  Based on the job descriptions, we have reviewed, their responsibilities can range from administrative, compliance, employee relations, general compensation, policy documentation, and recruiting.  With responsibilities this broad, it can be challenging for a generalist to be a master of any of these areas. Most smaller organizations are not hiring outside assistance for recruiting, but because it is such a time-consuming responsibility, it could be helpful for the operations manager or executive director to have an external agency support in the recruiting process. This is especially true with the shortage of many of the health care professionals needed and the increased competition for employers to find the right candidates.

Is it more cost effective to hire an HR generalist or to get outsourced help in HR?  The answer depends on the current and expected future state of your organization.  If you are continuing to grow and you need a breadth of HR support, it may be more cost effective to have an internal HR position.  According to, the average Human Resources Generalist I salary in Minneapolis, MN is $65,442 as of February 27, 2023, but the range typically falls between $58,441 and $73,051. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years spent in the profession. If the primary needs your organization has is for recruiting assistance, hiring a recruiting group to hire candidates for health care positions regularly, can provide significant savings.  Regarding supervisory time, a recruiting agency can be somewhat self-managing if given clear instructions.  It is likely that there would be less supervisory time with an outside agency vs. hiring an internal HR staff person.

If you are interested in considering short term or on-going recruiting support, Hire Outcomes HR offers a range of ways to support you.  To learn more, go to Customized options for best healthcare recruiting – Hire Outcomes HR


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