Four ways to improve candidate experience

Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is an important factor for job seekers as they evaluate job offers and prospective employers. SHRM promoted a ICIMS playbook for improving candidate experience.  ICIMS_The Candidate Experience Playbook.pdf (  This playbook is helpful for any company seeking candidates in this market because it outlines ways to improve candidate experience.  It outlines why candidates abandon job applications and has practical suggestions on how to improve.  It also talks about the importance of engaging with more personalized communications.  This is an aspect of candidate experience that seems to be more impartial because it provides valuable information about the organization directly from current employees.  As one tweet quoted pointed out, “From a competitive perspective, the difference between a good and a great company all comes down to people.” 

SHRM also summarized the top four ways to improve candidate experience in a shorter article.

The four ways include:

  • Market the company. The Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Research Report noted that most candidates continue to take control of their job search, with 75 percent of candidates conducting their own job search research across multiple channels before applying. Company values and employee testimonials are two of the most valuable types of marketing content for candidates at 42 percent and 36 percent, respectively.
  • Educate candidates. At a recent TAtech conference, I had the opportunity to hear Lindsay Stanton from Digi-Me and Katie Roth of Aureon talk about engaging candidates and enhancing the experience through educational videos. Aureon is an Iowa-based company that provides business services including temporary and direct-hire staffing solutions. It partnered with Digi-Me to create candidate videos that would not only help promote job openings but demystify the hiring process. 
  • Respond to candidates. Forty-seven percent of candidates were still waiting to hear back from employers more than two months after they applied, according to the 2016 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Research Report. Plus, only 20 percent of candidates received an e-mail from a recruiter or hiring manager notifying them they were not being considered, and only 8 percent received a phone call from a recruiter or hiring manager notifying them they were not being considered.
  • Make the company “shareable.” It’s important for organizations to connect with potential candidates where they are, and that means using social media on mobile devices. Just as it’s vitally important to have a pulse on what’s being said about the company brand on social media, it is equally important to use social media as a way to make the candidate experience easier and more like the consumer experience. 

Although these ways to improve candidate experience were written in 2018, they are still relevant today and perhaps even more so given the tight talent market.

Hire Outcomes HR is pro-active recruitment organization. We are always searching for right candidates for our clients and the right career fit for job seekers.

When we work with candidates, we respect their time and stick with the schedule we set for phone screening. We work with our clients to assure accurate job descriptions and do not advertise or promote positions are not available. We have a thorough review process with our clients, so we understand the requirements of the job and the needs and work style of the organization. Our goal is to keep candidates informed at all points in the hiring process.  For more information, go to Find healthcare jobs in smaller organizations. – Hire Outcomes HR

Source: ICIMS_The Candidate Experience Playbook.pdf (  Four Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience (


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