Leverage hiring trends for recruitment solutions

Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment solutions include “leveraging hiring trends”.  According to Forbes these hiring trends include:

  • Proactively engaging candidates. With the labor shortage, passive recruiting is less effective than it was prior to the Pandemic. This early recruitment has been done for higher level roles, but not it is needed for a wide range of roles.  Connecting with candidates and building a relationship with them will help create a talent pipeline and to address the talent shortage. This requires on going posting and connection with potential candidates.
  • Seeking to better understand candidate qualifications. This can be done through skills tests or by using behavioral assessments.  Better understanding candidates’ values and motivations can help determine if they would be a good fit for your organization.
  • Offering remote work can also help attract candidates. Remote work is here to stay.  It is often perceived as a benefit by prospective candidates.  Even taking a hybrid, remote/in office, approach is attractive.  These approaches not only attract new candidates, but they can also aide in retention of existing employees. If prospective candidates are choosing from several offers, remote work options can be a significant deciding factor. 
  • Continue to focus on diversity and inclusion. Seeking candidates from new sources and using new methods can improve these efforts.
  • Use data in recruiting. It is helpful to analyze what sources of candidates have been most successful and to have a sense for other demographic or psychographic traits of recent hires.  This type of data can help the screening process as well as to help target sources of candidates.

Hire Outcomes HR works with organization to develop pipelines of health care professionals to help keep your organizations fully staffed. We use the recruitment solutions mentioned above to leverage hiring trends as part of the recruitment process. For more information, go to https://www.hireoutcomeshr.com/

Source:  Forbes, Eric Friedman, 2/15/2022

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