Flexible work schedules are in demand by future employees

Recruitment Process

Recruitment process steps in 2022 are important to understand. Many talent acquisition leaders have found that traditional recruiting methods such as advertising on job boards and holding hiring events aren’t yielding enough of the right candidates. However, there are many steps that can be taken to address these recruiting process issues including:

  • Expanding job branding and marketing efforts through social media platforms
  • Broadening the candidate search to larger search areas
  • Outsourcing recruiting efforts to a staffing or recruiting agency
  • Hiring external support such as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies or independent contractors to boost recruiting bandwidth

Since Hire Outcomes HR is a recruiting agency for health care, we would love to have health care employers improve their recruiting process by hiring us.  But we think it is also important to consider how to expand job marketing and employer branding efforts through social media platforms. One helpful social media platform is LinkedIn. In our experience, smaller organizations may not do as good a job of creating an attractive work environment and thereby having a solid employer brand to promote to possible candidates.

Being accurate in describing your employee culture is critically important for any organization because a successful hire for an employer and employee requires a good fit for the employer and the employee.

We have found that employers don’t always think about the importance, from an employee point of view. Of having an employer who understands what is important to them.

As stated in a recent Harvard Business Review article, “The last year has forever changed the way employees view and approach work, but one thing holds true: organizations that want to attract and retain the talent they need to move forward must understand the top priorities of their future workforce.” (Harvard Business Review, What your future employees want most, May 2021) The author of this article references a study from his company of how employees prioritized different aspects of a future employer.

Three preferences of future employees were:

  1. Employees overwhelmingly expect flexible options.
  2. Employees want to re-imagine how productivity is measured.
  3. Employees want to work with a diverse team.

With these preferences in mind, organizations need to address how they deliver against flexible options, productivity measurement and diversity. In LinkedIn, organizations can summarize their efforts to improve their employer brand along these three topics. This is just one way to help improve your organizations presentation to prospective employees. We will focus on other ways in future posts.

Hire Outcomes HR helps smaller and mid-sized organizations to compete against big, “brand name” employers for top talent. We can assist smaller organizations to stand out from the competition by communicating the benefits that can help make your organization an employer of choice. Hire Outcomes HR branding and marketing experts can help you develop an employer brand and a marketing plan, for use in expanding your social media presence, if you need help along these lines. 

Source: Harvard Business Review, What your future employees want most, May 2021


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