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Hire Outcomes HR is pro-active recruitment organization. We are always searching for right candidates for our clients and the right career fit for you.

When we work with you, we respect your time and stick with the schedule we set for phone screening. We work with our clients to assure accurate job descriptions and do not advertise or promote positions are not available. We have a thorough review process with our clients so we understand the requirements of the job and the needs and work style of the organization. Our goal is to keep you informed at all points in the hiring process.

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced professional, Hire Outcomes HR can help you find the next step in you career path.

We are setup to serve clinics, medical practices, hospitals, nursing care facilities, assisted living residences, group homes, home healthcare organizations, wide range of other healthcare service providers.

Our goal is to help you find the career you searching for. What set us apart is our personal process to get to know you and your needs and aspirations.

Please share your resume with us and we will keep you informed about appropriate opportunities.

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We want you to find more than a job and to help you find the career opportunity you have been searching for.

We are a collaborative recruitment organization with a focus on healthcare careers. We seek to keep up with job openings available in healthcare and to provide useful information about vacancies.

We care about your satisfaction with our process we seek to make your interaction easy and effective. Because we care about your experience with us, we will ask for your feed back about whether the process met your expectations. We would like to help you to determine the next step in your career, so you can focus on patients as the center of what you do.

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We are looking for physician assistants, nurse practicers, nurses, nurses aides, other caregivers, allied health and non-clinical professionals.

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