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Defining DEI—In health care, diversity, equity, and inclusion is about the make-up of the workforce and in health care, this can also include patients. When thinking of patients, this means that patients and associates have a voice in giving and receiving high quality care.
Risk management in healthcare is a concern that is shared throughout healthcare sectors. The U.S. Government defines risk management in healthcare as, “Risk management in healthcare is a complex set of clinical and administrative systems, processes, procedures, and reporting structures designed to detect, monitor, assess, mitigate, and prevent risks to patients.”
Candidate feedback—Using recent hires and not hired candidates to assess what is working in your sourcing strategy. Recent hires feedback is helpful in determining what aspects of your organizational brand and culture attracted candidates. Candidates view other recent candidate feedback about your organization as credible, believable, and trustworthy.
Gender Pay Gap is wider in MN than most other states. According to an NPR news program yesterday, “Minnesota is a national leader for women’s participation in the workplace. And yet, we also have a wider gender wage gap than most other states.
Candidate experience is an important factor for job seekers as they evaluate job offers and prospective employers.
Purpose for your organization is one of the key drivers for attracting new talent. Purpose has benefits in terms of the work experience. A study by Northwestern University found when companies had a greater sense of purpose, their employees reported their work was more meaningful.
HR strategies change based on the environment and the needs of the organization they are serving. Since the last 2 to 3 years have been so turbulent and challenging for human resources, we thought you might find the feedback from other HR leaders helpful.
SMART goals are important not only for larger organizations and businesses, but also for individuals and smaller organizations. Most of us are aware of that people who set goals are more likely to achieve success as defined by the goals set.
Development opportunities should be top of mind at all stages of one’s career. Whether you are just starting out or thinking about a change. Thinking through what is important to you in your work life is important.
Customer experience management requires understanding customer expectations. In recruitment, like any other services, customer experience can make the difference between satisfaction or true partnership with a recruiting provider. Since recruiting services are based on trusted relationships between an employer and a recruiting provider, one could argue that customer experience is at the heart of recruiting services.