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Mental health in the workplace is impacted by the pandemic. As a recent article in the Washington post stated, the pandemic was “an unprecedented, protracted collective trauma”. There are many ways the workplace has been impacted by mental health issues. In addition to burnout caused by staffing issues, increased workloads, and less professional support, and
Recruitment process steps in 2022 are important to understand. Many talent acquisition leaders have found that traditional recruiting methods such as advertising on job boards and holding hiring events aren’t yielding enough of the right candidates.
Nurse Midwife Benefits Nurse Midwife benefits are viewed positively by both the professional nurse midwives and their patients. […]
Employee feedback is one way to better understand your employee culture. As the number of employees who think about or actually leave your organization grows, it is even more important to understand how your organizational culture impacts employee retention and attrition.
The American Nurses Foundation completed a survey of nurses in September of this year. Over 9,500 nurses responded and either completed, or partially completed the survey.