Hiring Process for Quality Outcomes

Process for hiring quality candidates

Focus on quality, effectiveness and emotional intelligence.

Hire Outcomes HR believes that if organization focus on quality and effectiveness metrics, cost effectiveness and efficiency will follow. We believe that measurement of speed (time to fill) and cost (cost per hire) are worthwhile measures, but they will not reveal the impact that hiring decisions have on organization outcomes and success. Quality of hire is also impacted by the hiring supervisor’s ability to deploy and develop talent.

Quality of hire is still being defined and can be variable based on what the organizations priorities, but some of the metrics used are turnover rates, performance reviews as indicators of job performance, manager satisfaction, employee engagement, cultural fit measured by 360 degree ratings. Can new hire achieve certain productivity levels on sales and revenue. Can the new hire achieve the productivity
level and how fast can they do it.

Examples of Six Interview Questions for Emotional Intelligence

1) Can you tell me about a time you tried to do something and failed?

2) Tell me about a time you received negative feedback from your boss. How did that make you feel?

3) Can you tell me about a conflict at work that made you feel frustrated?

4) Tell me about a hobby you like to do outside of work. Can you teach me about it?

5) What would your  co-workers say is the most rewarding thing about working with you? What about the most challenging thing?

6) Can you tell me about a time you needed to ask for help on a project?

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